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  • 5 Pillars to Core Health

    Today I speak about the 5 Pillars of Core Health. Why are they important?  Because each of the fundamental pillars described below must be present for us to achieve full and long lasting health. Each of these factors must be in balance with the others. Any one can and will affect our overall well being. more »

  • The Secret Power of Natural Health
    by Esateys

    #The Secret Power of Natural Health By Esateys THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SUCH AN OVERWHELMING RESPONSE TO MY BLOG ANNOUNCEMENT. All of your suggestions have been taken to heart and saved and I will address them all over time.  Keep them coming! I would like to make  a note that when I spoke this blog more »

  • Caffeine vs Rhodiola

    HI Everyone, Today I am speaking about how many people are using caffeine in the form of high energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster Energy and 5 hour energy shots and coffee to “keep going” throughout the day.  I share what some things may be contributing to the need for stimulation and what you can do about more »

  • 4 Keys to Effective Communication in Relationship

    Hi Everyone, Today I am speaking about Communication and the power it can have in all your Relationships. There are 4 Powerful Keys that will bring Powerful Results in any Relationship: (watch the video for more information) 1.    Be a GREAT listener a.    Listen without rebuttal and resistance.     2.   Be Authentic…tell the truth a.    more »

  • 6 Magical Ways to Find Gratitude and Transform Your Life

    6 Magical Ways to Find Gratitude and Transform Your Life  We all know that when we are grateful we feel better than when we are negative.  Are you also remembering that you are attracting to you more of what you put your thoughts and energy on?       Since this is a proven fact more »